Our Eco-Belief

We believe that all of us have the right to a greener, cleaner and healthier present as well as future. It’s not a FAD, being eco-friendly must truly be a lifestyle.

Together, we are the change. 

Save The Planet
Be Eco With Beco

Fun Fact,
which is more of a Sad Fact – Every year 26,000 tonnes of
plastic waste is generated.
 It takes eons for plastic to break down and the damage is unexplainable. Planet or Plastic? The choice is yours.

On a Mission

To craft, support and drive a positive change in the world with sustainable & eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics and packaging – One Beco Product at a time. 

Have a Vision

To help every individual contribute in saving the environment for a better tomorrow by providing them eco-friendly and sustainable products. 

The Beco Story

A beach clean-up in Mumbai made the trio – Aditya, Anuj & Akshay wonder how environmental damage is REAL. They found an orange wrapper looking at which one of their parent instantly recollected that it was that of a Chocolate Bar which was discontinued in the 1990s. Shocked? That was exactly their thought. A small plastic wrapper existed for so long. Imagine the impact of plastic products we use in our daily lives.

The mega plastic ban was the “moment of enlightenment” for them which led to the rise of Beco – A company that is eco-friendly inside-out.

All of it based on a simple yet strong realization that “Every plastic article we use will come back to us in future”. 

Our Values

We win together with the environment, not alone.

We start from “eco”.

We believe we can change the world

We do business differently

Aditya Ruia

Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money.

-inspired by cree Indian philosophy