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Top 10 Eco-friendly Products in India

by in Blog, Uncategorized 18/06/2021

Description: Environmental Friendly products in India – Cloth Bags, Compostable Garbage Bags, Reusable Coffee Cups, Bamboo Toothbrushes and Tissue Rolls, Paper stick Earbuds Top 10 Eco-friendly Products You Start Using Today Every year India generates 3.3 million metric tonnes per year, of which 40% remains uncollected. Where does it go, you ponder? To the landfills, […]

High time we ditch the toilet paper

by in Blog, Technical 15/03/2019

Toilet paper is one of those little things we often don’t think about. Until we notice we’ve run out, of course. In fact, people on toilets without toilet paper have gone so far as to tweet their distress AND actually receive a fresh roll. Be Eco – Beco. While such stunts certainly underlie the significance of […]

How Environmentally Sustainable Practices Advantage the Construction Business

by in Blog 07/03/2019

Becoming an eco-friendly organization that centers around sustainability could beneficially affect your main concern in the coming years. Notwithstanding decreasing your overhead expenses, changing to environmentally sustainable practices could likewise pull in new customer base. Those are only a couple of the reasons why such huge numbers of developments organizations are presently becoming environmentally friendly. […]