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Bamboo Toothbrush with Charcoal Activated Bristles (Single Pack)

(55 customer reviews)


The smallest switch you can make in your home!

A plastic toothbrush that you use today will be found 400 years later, do you want to be the one contributing to it?

The choice is yours.


1. This pack has 1 Bamboo Toothbrush
2. The soft bristles are carefully infused with charcoal which absorbs odor-causing agents leaving the mouth odor-free and helps in deep cleaning teeth. It also helps in teeth whitening
3. 100% eco-friendly, completely environmental-friendly and biodegradable in nature
4. Well-designed handle for a better grip and ease of use. It has a long life and is totally splinter-free
5. We recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3-4 months or when the bristles lose their stiffness


No, wooden toothbrushes are made from cutting trees. Our toothbrushes are made from pure bamboo and are splinter-free.

Yes, our toothbrushes are completely eco-friendly and compostable in nature.

Yes it is as well as compostable. It is a non plastic toothbrush that does not hurt the environment.

Our toothbrushes have nylon bristles made from cornstarch which is 100% plastic-free and is organic with activated charcoal as the key ingredient.

Charcoal activated bristles help in deep cleaning your teeth, fights plaque and helps in teeth whitening.


        Fair Trade Certification

55 reviews for Bamboo Toothbrush with Charcoal Activated Bristles (Single Pack)

  1. Shweta

    Verified Purchase

  2. Vindhya Arora

    Happy to help the environment. I was so happy to see the packaging, not even a single thing was made of plastic! Tried this and shifted to bamboo brushes since then!Highly recommend it!

  3. Akansha Agarwal

    The products is smooth, light weight and gives a different and lightet feel than the regular plastic brush we use. Good product.

  4. Hope

    Amazing product. I’m so happy with the product because the product was great and the the packaging was also plastic free. I’m happy to help the environment taking small steps. Totally recommend buying !

  5. Vinay

    You will not find any difference while using it compared to the nylon tooth brush. Except for the bamboo wood handle.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Well packed n delivered on time. Product matches the pic. Looks good n useful.

  7. Pinky Sharma

    I loved the product and also it was great knowing that the packing was also done with paper material. Thank you for contributing in eco friendly products and services.

  8. Pranamika

    The bristles are very soft even for adult toothbrushes. They are very light weighed and very easy to handle in addition to giving out a classy look.

  9. Arpita Mallick

    It’s remind me of my childhood memories…ovelall good that is presentation,easy to hold and most important value for money

  10. Dyumna

    I love it. I bought one first. I liked it very much. It just cleans off the teeth perfect. So i ordered a family pack. I have heard my mom saying the wooden part gets mold. But I dint have any issues or my Kids.. So i suggest this product.

  11. Rupakshi kamboj

    It feels so good to switch to biodegradable, it’s my contribution to my environment.Also the bristles are very soft , i hope they last long too .

  12. Rumi

    I have used some other brands in the past but this one is better. The hold is good and the bristles are medium. Recommended…

  13. Meenakshi

    The bristles are quite soft and is suitable for people with sensitive gums. That was my main inhibition before switching to a bamboo brush. Each brush comes in two layers of individual packaging, could do with just one.

  14. Soham Patangia

    Best thing about the product is its packaging , comes in a beautiful box. Talking about brush it has really soft bristles and the grip is really good. It is really light in weight so it’s a perfect start for the day!

  15. sourabh saini

    Currently I’m check this brush really awesome and it’s look so amazing , i love this product , this is very smooth

  16. Neelam gandhi

    m useing this tooth brush since last 1 year its very good quality product highly recommended

  17. Artsypizzaslice

    The quality of baboo is good it does not form fungus on it after getting wet but the bristles are not that long lasting lost its purpose in one month (i don’t use it harshly)

  18. Sonal J.

    I totally loved these colourfull toothbrush. Ine step ahead for environment friendly. Bye bye plastic.The softness of the brush is also great. A repeat order every 4 months it is !

  19. Raindrops

    these wooden brushes are better than any leading plastic toothbrushes in the market. i have got braces yet the bristles feel so gentle. its light weight and lasts as long as any normal brush does. please buy and help save the environment.

  20. Mauji Khoji

    Verified Purchase

  21. Jay kumar

    I like them totally first of all because of the looks and 2nd the bristles are very soft .so thumbs up for these pack of brushes in such good price .

  22. Pucca

    Great product, except for the bristles, it’s very hard. If you have soft gums, avoid this and invest in higher end products. Since it’s the beginning of bamboo toothbrush market, there’s a lot of things to improve. Otherwise great for environmental issues.


    One problem….if you keep it in a holder, the handle made of wood begins to turn black….fungus and moss settle….so wont last very long!

  24. Nitin Bahuguna

    Bristles are harder than other Bamboo Brushes.

  25. Shanika Khurmi

    Verified Purchase

  26. Paras sahani

    Best ever eco friendly toothbrush I have seen.Stop using plastic toothbrushes. Say no to plastic.Use this ecofriendly toothbrushes.

  27. Aditya

    I was surprised to experience that it’s quite reliable. I’ve been using a single one for over 4 months now. The bristles are synthetic though – plastic/nylon type. The packaging is what disappointed me – they can reduce the plastic wrapping.

  28. Mr.Divyesh

    Verified Purchase

  29. sadashivdeshmukh

    Initially when I started using it, for the first 2-3 days some bristles came out but giving it some time they stopped coming out. Only 3 or 4 bristles came out. Also, it is better if you keep your brush open and not in case, that way no brown/black spots are seen. Basically let it air dry and don’t keep it in a damp/wet place

  30. Rahul

    I loved it as it is made of bamboo and plastic free. The bristles are soft and good to use. Also, this is one small step which if we all take can help our environment. I really wish I should have moved from plastic to this eco-friendly brush earlier. But better late than never. I would highly recommend this brush.

  31. Aparna

    The hard bristles take a while getting used to. And the stiffness of the wooden brush also stands out initially. But getting used to it is easy. Very easily we prioritize our convenience over the environment. Plastic brushes are one time usage. This is good, teeth are clean just as well as a plastic brush does

  32. Abhishek soni

    It’s time to hello to bamboo tooth brushes. Terrabrush brings you the most range of bamboo toothbrushes. ❤️So why should we use bamboo instead of plastic? Bamboo is a highly renewable, natural material that has antibacterial, antifungal properties and is biodegradable as opposed to plastic. Plastic can take up to 1000 years to biodegrade and is the leading cause of mass pollution all over the world.I was looking for an alternative to plastic toothbrushes when I stumbled upon these bamboo toothbrushes. I’m trying to choose more sustainable options when making purchases, and bamboo toothbrushes that are biodegradable are a much more eco-friendly alternative to plastic toothbrushes. These terrabrush have a nice shape. I can hold them easily and comfortably in my hand. The bristles feel nice and soft, and they don’t fall out. I really like the 4-pack.Have u ever thought about this? That We replace our toothbrush every 1-2 months, which means if everyone in your house is using plastic toothbrushes, we’ve got a lot of plastic waste. Unfortunately, a lot of plastic toothbrushes are mixed with other materials, including rubber and other synthetic materials, so throwing them away is very harmful to the environment. If you plan on getting a set of bamboo toothbrushes, you definitely need to check out 100%Terra brushSo what are you waiting for…. Just go and buy these amazing tooth brushes!!

  33. Mona Roy

    These are jussssttt the kinds if bamboo brushes i have been looking for. The bristles are ultra soft, just like many of the high-priced commercial toothbrushes. The bamboo grip is good and manageable.If you’re looking to lessen your environmental impact, this is an excellent place to start.

  34. Rakshitha Acharya

    A journey that started with Beco’s Bamboo tissues now involves cotton earbuds and bamboo toothbrushes and a couple of gift boxes to friends and family! All the products are of amazing quality and have made eco-friendly changes easy because of the reasonable pricing and ready availability. Conscious living is now feasible with Beco! Thank you for helping this #EcoWoman

  35. Sridevi P

    The brushes are good and easy to hold. The bristles are medium and they are not very soft. The different colored bristles will help in identifying your brush easily in the family. It is an environment friendly choice and reduces the plastic waste. Best option to shift from plastic toothbrushes.

  36. Rakshitha Acharya

    A journey that started with Beco’s Bamboo tissues now involves cotton earbuds and bamboo toothbrushes and a couple of gift boxes to friends and family! All the products are of amazing quality and have made eco-friendly changes easy because of the reasonable pricing and ready availability. Conscious living is now feasible with Beco! Thank you for helping this #EcoWoman

  37. Riya Bhatu

    Switched to bamboo toothbrushes for the first time with Beco. And I love it! And so affordable!! The joy of using organic products everyday is absolutely lovely

  38. Harsh Kapri

    It’s bristles are soft. It’s lightweight and easy to hold. Been using it for more than a week and it hasn’t shown any sign of wear.Different colors are helpful in identifying which ones whom.Bamboo is much more environmentally sustainable than plastic.Go for it.

  39. varun

    One amazing product which not only serves your purpose but also os environment friendly….its time we think beyond plastic and opt for environment friendly goods and Terrabrush has done it…. replaced our same old brush made up of plastic to bamboo….It is an amazing product with soft bristles and comes with different colours toooo….

  40. Bhumika Patil

    The packaging was pretty neat.. The brush has a good feel to it.. It gives a unique comfort to your teeth.. Bristles are not too hard not to soft.. The children can also use it.. It’s really light weight, the shape is nice making it easy to hold..Only 1 thing is that, brush mouth was not wide enough.. Overall it was great experience..

  41. Shubhi

    I have been exploring plastic alternatives in my home since last few months. Untried bamboo toothbrushes and found them at par with regular plastic ones. Then decided to try Beco’s face tissues which I feel are a better alternative for environment. Looking forward to try other such amazing plastic replacements this year.

  42. Silvana

    Greater tooth brushes, love the design and the longevity of them, soon I will buy more.I’ve already tried another brand from Amazon but not as good as this one.


    Verified Purchase

  44. shivangi puri

    I dont know how long it will last but the product is very soft and of course eco friendly so Im feeling like Ive done something to reduce use of plastic and damaging this earth. I wish they were not so expensive… but i guess if more people demand, the price will become reasonable.

  45. AmazonShopper

    The bristles are nylon and packed well. The handle feels good for handling. And the brush cleans the teeth well. It will be even better if bristles are also environmentally friendly.

  46. Aarav Chhabra

    Terrabrush Adult Bamboo Toothbrushes have Softest Bristle I have ever used.Lightweighted and easy to handle.It helps to clean your teeth without any damage to Gums as it has super super soft bristles.They are natural and organic.100% Biodegradable Bamboo Handles even the packaging which causes no effect to our environment.These brushes are amazing and good to use..They are also made of good quality bamboo so they are long lasting in nature.They provide 4 adult brushes in a pack of 4 for Rs 300 only.

  47. Lotus Enterprise

    Beyond my expectations. Quality is very good and is biodegradable. I highly recommend over any of those plastic and imported products.

  48. Shreya Agarwal

    In such a modern world its necessary to know your roots and stick to them.Plastic being such a harmful substance is still used but we must remember to use this eco friendly bamboo tooth brushes by terra.These brushes are amazing and good to use..They are also made of good quality bamboo so they are long lasting in nature.They provide 4 adult brushes in a pack of 4 for Rs 300 only.

  49. Riya Aseef

    Verified Purchase

  50. Tanvi Dalal

    I had four random colors yellow, red, purple and green. They look very pretty. Easy to hold, not meant for sensitive gums though as the bristles are a bit on the medium hard side. In terms of durability, normal soft plastic toothbrush for me lasts around 4 months after which the bristles tend to lose shape, but the last brush I used of this company lasted me a bit more than 5 months (even after brushing a normal twice a day)If u want to give it a try, I do reccomend it. Just make sure u are a little gentle while brushing for a few days till the bristles loosen up a bit and soften. If u have very sensitive gums pls do not try it as it leads to bleeding gums almost every time u brush.


    First of all, I really like this brand because it’s vegan and cruelty-free and the brushes are durable and high quality. The packaging is also 100% biodegradable. These brushes are not only great for the environment but good for your teeth too. The bristles are soft and the bamboo handle is smooth, easy to hold and has no splinters.Overall, I really like them and would definitely recommend them since they are quite eco friendly.