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Beco Bambooee Reusable Kitchen Towel Roll – 20 Sheets

(67 customer reviews)


Your Kitchen Hero!

Wash and reuse every sheet upto a 100 times.

1 Beco Reusable Towel Roll = 20 Regular Raper Rolls – that’s upto 6 Months of kitchen rolls!


1. 11″ x 12″ perforated tear off sheets are washable and reusable up to 100 times before discarding
2. Made from 100% organic bamboo plants which is a natural alternative to traditional tree based kitchen paper tissues
3. Strong and durable single ply bamboo sheets
4. Super Absorbent, hypoallergenic, BPA free, paraben free, and chlorine free
5. Completely biodegradable in nature and does not contribute to deforestation


Beco Reusable Towel/Bamboo Kitchen Roll is made of Bamboo Rayon and are 100% eco-friendly.

It’s an eco-friendly kitchen towel with 20 sheets in one roll. Each sheet is reusable and washable upto a 100 times.

Literally everything! You can use it to wipe surfaces in your kitchen, bathroom and anywhere in the house. You can use it, wash it and then reuse it again. You can use these sheets to keep food on, to soak oily food or to just cover food.

No! You can normally run water by it, or wash it with soap or just machine wash it. It’s quite versatile.

A single roll of Beco reusable towels will last you 6 months easily and save your purchase of 60 ordinary paper rolls which are single use and throw.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 4 × 4 cm


        Fair Trade Certification

67 reviews for Beco Bambooee Reusable Kitchen Towel Roll – 20 Sheets

  1. R2D2

    It’s a good eco friendly product. Good absorbency and toughness.

  2. Meghna k.

    Very good product. Lasts longer than regular paper as absorbency is more and hence need to use less.

  3. Shveta sharma

    The only reason why I’m giving 4 stars and not 5 is that the pre-punched cutting lines are missing after half sheet width on some rolls.

  4. Deepa Padmanabhan


  5. Amazon Customer


  6. Kunal

    It’s an excellent product. I have been using the same single sheet for almost a week now. It has excellent absorption. You can easily wash it with soap and then again re use it. Even oil and ghee get washed away with soap. I will not even switch over to any other product now. 👌

  7. rose-marie h.

    Sturdy but soft toilettepaper. And bamboo is a new material in this market. I want to support innovative ideas like this, as bamboo grows very fast unlike trees (and paper is usually made from wood). So bamboo is sustainable and should be used more extensively.This is why I am buying this, even though it is costly. An opportunity to make a little sacrifice to help the environment to recover, I guess.

  8. Kamal

    1. Reusable/Washable with or without mild soap in the kitchen sink.
    2. Squeeze them to rinse water and it becomes 90% dry again.
    3. Absorbs water quickly and creates no mess as compared to paper towels when they are completely wet.
    4. Comes in a box so unused role can be easily stored.
    5. Can be used for wiping or drying utensils, kitchen counter, wooden furniture, home appliances, windows etc.
    6. Size is bigger than normal paper towels.

  9. Nilesh

    I am using it regularly, its very soft and absorbent but have some issues that some people may not like, it doesn’t flush down the drain very fast, the perforation is off most of the times, individual rolls are out of shape (like before packing they are not stored correctly). Its definitely costly than other brands.

  10. Siddharth

    Fantastic Product.This is really very nice absorbent washable tissue and rare to find in market. Any one looking for this uber quality, please go for it.

  11. Neeti Shah

    Reusable and cleans well. I love this product. My second role. Lasts long and it is washable. Though the texture changes it still cleans well. You can once you are done you can safely dispose it without really impacting the environment!

  12. Van D

    Very good. Very good product, it is thick, soft, super absorbent and perfect for kitchen. Can also be used for other purposes like while traveling, instead of carrying tissues, use this.

  13. Manisha

    Pretty good quality, feels like a cloth and easy to wash like a normal cloth. I liked them and are useful in kitchen. Soaks the water well if you use for removing water from the washed dishes.
    Though they are washable and reusable. It works well.

  14. PN

    I love using this ,though making paper based products ,trees are cut .But this is made of bamboo ,,easy to grow anywhere and availability is much more than other tree’s ,it’s wise to switch to such product.I am happy to have it…

  15. Deeksha

    Wonderful product. The towels are very absorbent and are a must in the kitchen. They can clean greasy and oily mess from the kitchen counter without any hassle.

  16. Paresh Pevekar

    Absorbs more water and lasts well after getting wet.

  17. Nazia

    Ordered for this bamboo sheet as a replacement to tissue papers which in my house is used to store coriander leaves and chillies.
    The normal Tissue papers are great absorbants but the only problem is they get wet and spoiled soon. Bamboo sheets have replaced tissue papers in my house which absorbs 10× times more water,can be washed and are reusable .
    Uses :-
    1. Great water absorbant .. so use it to store ur lemons chillies coriander leaves and so on
    2. Since it glides on surface quickly, use it to clean your kitchen slabs … wash it and be sure it will dry soon too
    3. If by mistake u drop oil on floor,just take a peice of it and wipe ur floor , it will absorb all ur spilled oil in minutes .. wash the cloth and u can reuse it.
    4. U can use it a drying cloth after washing ur plates.
    5. U can spray colin and wipe ur refrigerators too … it will not leave any cloth threads on surfaces giving u a sweaky clean feeling.

    I am sure i will find its many more uses..

  18. Shreyasi modi

    Its wonderful. Much better than the normal ones. Doesnt melt when wet. Highly recommended. Non paid review!

  19. SK

    Great product! I use it to mop my cooking area. It absorbs even soapy water, like a cotton cloth. I then wash it, and hang it out to dry. And it can be reused again. I have used the same piece at least six times now, and it is still good enough for reuse. It is not good for dusting varnished surfaces. It does not move smoothly across the polished surface. I tried it on my Burma teak cupboards. For the kitchen, or to clean windows with soap water, it is ideal.

  20. Drake

    Excellent Product for Cleaning Needs at Home. Holds moisture well(absorbent) , can be easily used in place of towels. Cloth towels leave surfaces wet, and paper tissues are a big environmental burden. This is perfect! Have put in washing machine for 1st wash. Can also be used as a wet/dry tissue as per need, apart from kitchen. Will update later, after using few times.

  21. Gene Stan

    Good quality

  22. Asok jaideep

    Great clean green IndiaWhy not? Substitute sticky cellophane with other adhesive if it is too a plastic

  23. Mandara

    Simply Wow! I’m so delighted that I bought this product instead of conventional paper towels. It works exactly as described – absorbs and cleans fantastically, and is completely odorless. I’ve washed it umpteen number of times so far and have had no problems. The fact that it’s eco friendly is a bonus point! Go for this product!

  24. SD

    Worth a buy! Have been using this for 2 months now and i am very happy with this product. It’s durable, easy to wash and reuse. Very sustainable and good for environment too. I use it to pack rotis and sandwiches in lunchboxes and casseroles and it works fine. It shrinks a bit after a few washes but I don’t mind it as long as I’m not contributing to the waste that happens if we use tissue papers and foils

  25. Neeta Ratwani

    When I bought the 1st pack of 4 for a trial I loved the product, it was thick, with perfect perforation for the pull but the subesequent 2 – 8 pack rolls I have ordered I find the paper quality thinner and the perforation is now given after every 2 pulls – which is a pain if one doesnt need a double pull – hope the makers take care of these 2 issues

  26. Preethi

    Fantastic absorption! Amazing product. Soaks water or other liquids quickly and alsi dries quickly.
    I bought and started using one sheet last week. I am still using the same sheet and the sheet is lasting good. Feels like paper but acts like cloth. I am very happy with the purchase.

  27. Himani

    Amazing! This one deserves a 5 star. So happy to find something which is eco friendly, pocket friendly and serves the purpose too. I have been using it as my kitchen wipe as well as for wet dusting. Its super soft, easy to wash and dries up fast as compared to other kitchen wipes. Must go for it people.

  28. Aruna

    Superb! No word for discription.I am using 1 napkin since I got.very useful in specialy kitchen.absorve water immediately very useful.Iam happy with the product which also made in India.

  29. Akash thakkar


  30. Amazon Customer

    Excellent product. Environment friendly even the packaging is with Paper.

  31. RS

    Impressive. This is really absorbent and very effective for cleaning surfaces. It can also be washed and reused 4-5 times. Can also be used for lining the roti box or carrying sandwiches and then double up as a napkin. But Impressive stuff and worth a try.

  32. sweta jogani

    Very nice environment friendly product.

  33. Sonakshi Sharma

    Buy it! These work surprisingly well. We use these to wipe kitchen counters, absorb oils and as wrapping. They’re sturdy and can work to completely replace paper towels. We chuck them in the washing machine when done and they’re good as new (though a little wrinkly) for the next use.

  34. MH

    It’s a good concept but the paper is quite rough. The way it’s packaged with a sticker on each roll, wastes the first pulls. It’s also expensive and the rolls are small. So though it’s a good idea, it’s not value for money or soft like other tissues. So there’s a bit of compromise.

  35. swathi

    The best I should say. Price definitely justifies the quality. We are using them regularly. In fact all beco products are great. We bought ear buds, toothpicks, tissue pulls.

  36. Monika

    Bamboo tissues I personally feel are much better than your regular tissues. No complaints for beco..on time delivery & good quality.

  37. Priyanka

    Good absorption, doesn’t stick. Comes in good paper package. Make of Bamboo. Good choice to move towards zero waste life.Wthin the 8 pack, I got 2 longer roll which did not fit in my standard holder.

  38. Amazon Customer

    Great product. Texture is good and seems to be a really competitive price versus the standard. Glad to have a greener TP option

  39. Jivananda

    Pity it is bleached

  40. Sandhya

    No more waste of paper towels! I could not be happier about this product.
    It’s brilliant.
    Easily rinsable/washable/resuable.
    What a great idea.
    LOVE IT!

  41. Kanupriya

    Best napkins to absorb oil,water,any spot in kitchen. this product is extremely useful to remove kitchen waste.absorbs oil,water special force napkin is going onfrom more than one week.really good to remove stains,clean kitchen surface,tiles etc.

  42. Amit Tiwari

    They are really Eco Friendly and Reuseable, we are using them inside Roti Box, to Wrap Rotis. Washable, It’s been a month ( ie washed 30 times each ) and First two are still working fine.

  43. Vimal Abraham

    Good. But price is little high.

  44. meenakshi

    Just loved the quality

  45. Sumalatha S

    Best among all

  46. Surabhi

    Magical! Game changing product!!!
    Honestly wasn’t happy with using the regular scotch brite for wiping kitchen counter. It always feels filthy after a couple of uses! This product however is great for absorbing, wiping off kitchen items, wash and wring to dry. And! It can be used many times! Only suggestion maybe it can come in some more colors like brown or green… white after wiping coffee etc gets stainy but still much greater option than traditional cloths. AND ITS BAMBOO!! Wow!

  47. Parag

    very good ,all purpose ,for kitchen ,for my child drawing brush cleaning ,laptop cleaning after spray ,mobile cleaning ,emergancy use and throw towel,and most eco friendly .do you have any scheme like buy 5 get 5 free ?just asking order you soon .

  48. Miss Malik

    great product. Very happy that I ordered it. I need to use a lot less of this as compared to the Paseo ones.

  49. Sanjay

    I have been using this for a while but noticed with the recently delivered product that the paper was poorly perforated.

  50. Amazon Customer

    Soft tissues, no smell, no bleach,

  51. Rushit Parekh

    Had used pack of 4 earlier and then ordered pack of 8 because quality was good.But the pack of 8 came FAULTY!Tissues in the Pack of 4 were regular standard square shaped. But pack of 8 tissues were rectangular, that is double the size of a standard square tissue. Now I dont know if I got a faulty pack or maybe they want us to use up faster that’s why its cut that way.Expected to be the same.Either way I’m going to have to look at other options now since it’s NOT CONSISTENT.

  52. AG

    Good natural unbleached material. The only problem is that it does not rip easily

  53. Amazon Customer

    Its worth it for the effort they have taken to make the package plastic free and the product itself is quite good.I am very happy with it.

  54. math math

    Really nice product, we are very satisfied with it.

  55. sita devina reissmueller

    Switch to this. It’s worth it for sure. I’m very picky as I’m from Germany. I use this one now. It’s great and the best alternative



  57. Parag

    very good ,all purpose ,for kitchen ,for my child drawing brush cleaning ,laptop cleaning after spray ,mobile cleaning ,emergancy use and throw towel,and most eco friendly .do you have any scheme like buy 5 get 5 free ?just asking order you soon .

  58. Preeti

    Simply loved the product. The best part is that when squeezed after washing, it becomes moist and does not retain too much water; so cleans really well. And when you wash it and leave it to dry, it becomes dry in a short time so that you feel that you are using a fairly new cloth to wipe the kitchen counter or other items.
    I have been using tissues to wipe away oil from oil containers and the spills and drips so that the kitchen cloth does not become greasy and is easy to clean; but this works so well that i am now going to do away with both the tissue and the cloth.
    The paper feels a little flimsy at first and you wonder how it will do all that it claims but it holds well. Its a great product!! Go for it..

  59. Shweta

    Good quality product

  60. Hridayeta

    Best thing about the reusable kitchen towel is that its 100 % eco-friendly, broader in width than regular kitchen towel. Great touch & feel, its very soft, absorbs oil & water very easily. Oil stains go away after washing & looks like a new towel. I would definitely recommend it for everyone’s kitchen. Kudos to the team for making an amazing & sustainable product like this.

  61. Sahanu Jain

    During the lockdown I was completely in Monica Gellar mode. From cooking to cleaning was leading everything but I noticed we were using paper kitchen towels which were not acceptable to this green Monica. So went online in search of alternatives and found beco reusable towels made from bamboo. Excellent quality still on the first roll since 6 months now. Completely worth the money.

  62. Dan

    Soft and very good absorbency.Wish product was sold in pack of 12

  63. MZ

    I prefer the unbleached natural colour

  64. A K Singh

    I love that we finally have eco-friendly alternatives to conventional products in India. And this is a solid option for anyone who is looking to reduce their footprint. That said, it came in a carton with plastic inflatable bubbles to protect it, which went against the whole idea of me buying this in the first place.Will buy directly from the seller’s site, I think, since Amazon doesn’t seem to be aware of the fact we’re in the midst of a climate crisis and plastic packaging is just a no-no at this point.

  65. Amy

    Amazing-It’s a good eco-friendly product. Good absorbency and toughness plus last longer than regular paper as absorbency is more!!

  66. Jessica John

    Good quality. The product is firmly packed. Very well worth the money.

  67. Rinku N

    I loved it! It has superior absorption qualities and can be reused over and over. The fact that it is made from bamboo fibre and is eco friendly is a big added advantage.

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

    Beco Bambooee Reusable Kitchen Towel Roll - 20 Sheets