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Beco Cotton Balls – 50 Pcs


You can never have enough cotton balls!

Made from purest virgin cotton, these cotton balls are perfect for your skincare.

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1. One box has 50 pieces
2. Made from 100% pure virgin cotton
3. Allergy-free and BPA, Paraben Free
4. Multipurpose Use


1. Are these organic cotton balls?

Yes, our cotton balls are made from pure virgin cotton and are completely eco-friendly.

2. How is it different from the usual cotton you get outside?

Our cotton balls are made from pure cotton and have no chemical at all. It is extremely soft with no rough texture that you may find in other cotton rolls. Once you compare them, trust us, you’ll know the difference!

3. Can I use these cotton balls for skincare routine?

Yes, you 100% can use it for you daily skincare routine. As it is made from pure virgin cotton and is chemical free, our customers extensively use them to remove make-up and use for personal hygiene.

4. Are they fit to use for sensitive skin?

They practically crafted for sensitive skin! These natural cotton balls are allergy-free and can be used on all skin types.

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Dimensions 20 × 91 × 114 cm


        Fair Trade Certification

    Beco Cotton Balls - 50 Pcs