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Beco Cotton Buds with Paper Stick- 60 Swabs


Small swabs that have a large impact.

Eliminating the age-old plastic rod, every Beco Cotton Bud is made up of an recycled paper-stick in the center with 100% pure cotton tips. We swear by this product, ‘cause every bud truly makes a difference.

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1. 30 Sticks, 60 Swabs
2. Pure Virgin Cotton Tips
3. Recycled Paper Stick in the centre, No plastic
4. Multipurpose use


1. What’s so different with your ear buds?

Our ear buds don’t have a plastic stick. Instead, they’re made of recycled paper sticks with pure cotton tips.

2. Are the sticks strong?

Yes, they’re crafted in a way that they’re sturdy and serve the same purpose of your usual cotton ear buds.

3. Are these biodegradable cotton buds?

These are 100% eco-friendly which are biodegradable and compostable in nature. These cotton buds are natural.

Additional information

Dimensions 64 × 19 × 83 cm


        Fair Trade Certification

    Beco Cotton Buds with Paper Stick- 60 Swabs