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Beco Natural Floor Liquid 500 mL- Baby & Pets Safe

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Beco Floor cleaner is a blended formula of natural and plant-based ingredients to clean all kinds of finishes. Lime is the hero cleaning agent that is antiseptic and acts as a natural bleach while the menthol in Mint leaves your home fresh as a garden. It’s a powerful cleaner safe for a home with kids, pets and is allergy-free. No Phosphates, No Ammonia , No EDTA, No Parabens Just Awesome Natural Stuff!


An effective, natural & plant-based formula with a strong cleaning action on hardware, bamboo, veneer, laminate and other floor finishes. It will leave your home with a refreshing fragrance of Lime and Mint and without theresidue of any toxic chemicals.

It is completely safe for babies and pets.


🌿 Plant Based & Biodegradable

🌱 Natural ingredients with bio enzymes.

🍋 Enriched with antiseptic properties of lime.

🌏 Earth friendly 

🐇 Cruelty Free

😊 Kid-safe and Pet-safe

21 reviews for Beco Natural Floor Liquid 500 mL- Baby & Pets Safe

  1. Arpit Monga

    Product is very nice, cleans the floor in no time. After using this, my house smells very nice. Best part of the product is its chemical free. Worth buying.

  2. Riddhi

    Received BECO floor cleaner within 2 days of ordering it. Have been looking out for cleaning products without toxic chemicals and glad to have finally found THE one. Was initially skeptical, but this one’s effective and my floor feels super clean.

  3. Sai Teja

    No heavy odour ,good floor cleaner no harsh chemicals the only reason I bought this is because we have a Labrador retriever puppy she used be allergic to all this local floor cleaner liquids like lizol ,dettol she used to get rashes all over the body we tried a lot of medications no result finally we stumbled across a doctor who identified the issue and adviced to use a pet safe floor cleaner then we ordered this the infection slowly reduced as there are no chemicals on this and it is petsafe cleaner we loved this product cost efficient and good result overall a good floor cleaner

  4. Rachita

    I liked it for the fact that it’s eco friendly and safe for kids and pets the scent is very light but it’s too expensive. If one wants people to think about the environment and use this product it should be economical only then do you feel like purchasing it again if it’s a little expensive than the others it’s OK but 3-4 times more expensive is not feasible for a normal household.

  5. Jignesh H

    Normal floor cleaners irritates my pups skin, he started getting rashes on his belly. The rashes disappeared after a week of switching to this cleaner. Cleans the floor really well and leaves a good scent.

  6. Naveen

    Floor cleaner works well. Adds shine to floor after cleaning, non slippery too. Surprisingly it kept some pests out with regular usage.

  7. Binal Jain

    This is a wonder floor cleaner that ensures that there are no stains from hard water used for swabbing, something that most other floor cleaners are not able to do.

  8. Harshita

    If you looking for a herbal effective product . That is enviornment safe , pet safe and overall good floor clearner. Go for it !!Using it for past 7 months. No complaints.

  9. Rohit Selvagandhi

    The product is excellent. Even though it doesn’t form a lather, it cleans the surface well. While mopping, unlike other floor cleaners, the mop doesn’t get dirty quickly. Its water consumption is significantly less. The product is pet friendly, my dog had skin issues while cleaning the floor with other detergents, but when I switched to this product, my dog’s skin issues reduced drastically.

  10. Grace

    Floor cleaner works wonders especially in a household with pets. My dog is the happiest and so are my plants(use the floor cleaning water for plants as it’s totally safe )

  11. Mahendra

    Scent is just right not overpowering. More affordable would be great. It’s ideal for floors that have children and animals crawling on them, it’s safe. My dogs have recovered from their intense skin rashes Lizol gave them, after I shifted to Wild Ideas.

  12. Jenny

    Good product but a bit expensive.It has a pleasant smell. But the product didn’t last more than few weeks.

  13. Meera Ranganathan

    The smell is amazing. This is the ONLY floor cleaner that has successfully masked the smell of 3 dogs…none of the others were this effective. And they’ve been scratching considerably lesser too. I am glad I found this brand.

  14. R Swamy

    Smells and cleans amazing. I was surprised that it cleans so well. No more dirty or cracked feet. Best part maid loves and recommends it too.

  15. Raja

    Gives a feeling of freshness immediately after mopping the floor…

  16. Kishore Ram

    The Beco Floor cleaner smells amazing and works much better than on dirts any other floor cleaners. And it came in a re-usable bottle.

  17. Sesha Mukherjee

    Product is very good. However the price range is quite high. May not be able to make an impact on the environment if only the elite uses these products

  18. Siva Kumar

    Really good product.nice smell.floor is not sticky sticky like how we use other floor cleaner.really loved it.but it’s expensive.

  19. Arihanth

    It is as mentioned in the description…very good product. Thanks a lot for making floor cleaning organic like older days.

  20. Madhurkar Pai

    Product is good. Keep the price a bit reasonable so that everyone can afford to buy without thinking twice if you are really concerned about saving the planet.

  21. Ahmed S

    I was awestruck after trying this floor cleaner by BECO. I am so glad that I stumbled upon this product. This cleaner absolutely gets rid of all the rigid stains on your floor as if they weren’t even there in the first place! And the best part about this is, the wastewater generated is safe enough to water your plants. It comes in a well sealed cardboard box along with a coconut coir scrub.

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

    Beco Natural Floor Liquid 500 mL- Baby & Pets Safe