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Beco Natural Laundry Detergent Liquid 500ML- Baby Safe

(25 customer reviews)



 BECO Laundry Detergent is the best liquid detergent you will use on your clothes. It’s tough on stains with its natural and plant based formula making it extremely safe for your laundry keeping it toxic-free and fresh as a flower. Removes upto 25 types of stains and is safe for all kinds of fabrics and baby clothes.


A plant-based and natural detergent formula that will cut through oil, grease and clean the dirtiest of clothes. It’s effective for removing upto 25 types of stains and leaves your laundry completely refreshing. Safe for all fabrics leaving no chemical residue. A formula which makes your laundry smell like fresh flowers. It has no ammonia and bleach making it extremely safe  for baby clothes and allergy free.

🌿 Plant Based & Biodegradable

🌱Enriched with bio enzymes.

🍋 Made with natural essential oils

🌏 Earth friendly 

25 reviews for Beco Natural Laundry Detergent Liquid 500ML- Baby Safe

  1. Manbi

    It is an excellent eco-friendly product. Since I got to know that chemical cleaners cause cancer, I was looking out for a non-chemical one. Tried a few but you can literally see the list of chemicals used in the ingredients even though the ad says it’s lemon based or neem based.
    Finally got this one which is made of microbes.

  2. Tanuja P

    I have waited to write this review until I had used this ‘soap’ for 3 months. I am very pleasantly surprised at how well it works:
    – Cleans thoroughly, even towels, bedsheets
    – Leaves clothes soft and smelling nice (gentle smell)
    – Even brightens colours and whites (I soak them for 24 hours)
    – Removes stains just as well as a chemical detergent like Surf
    – Requires only a small amount
    – Can be used for other types of cleaning as well

  3. Amar Gupta

    I use quick wash programme on my washing machine and it washes the clothes perfectly. Other brands leaves lots of suds which require at least three times of rinsing leading to massive water wastage. This detergent washes the clothes well including stains removal and saves water.

  4. Shovana Karmakar

    Easy on clothes.
    Retains the texture and colour.
    Removes stains and dirt.
    Easy on hands.
    Smells GOOD.

  5. Sricha

    I have auto-immune and this is the only detergent I was able to get for my front load that does not irritate my skin. Kudos to the team that developed this amazing product.

  6. Rajesh Kongathi

    Worked superbly. I have BOSCH washing machine front load. I used 4 cups for water wash. Results are really amazing like a chemical detergent. I liked it.

  7. Roshini

    Has a pleasant smell, and makes the clothes feel soft and fluffy. It’s a plant-based product, so the added satisfaction of saving the planet!

  8. Louis

    Very good quality product, should have been made more affordable to increase popularity and reach a wider clientele

  9. Neelima

    I started suing this product since January. I really liked the product.
    First, its a liquid detergent and keeps your cloths clean.
    Second, it has very light fragrance which helps your cloth take natural breath
    Third, Pocket friendly.

  10. Ravi Teja

    Everything is good, washing properly, scent can be better but needs more liquid than chemical ones – may be the natural ones are like that. I don’t mind consuming more liquid if it gives safe and clean clothes.

  11. Harshita Ramesh

    I would subscribe to this product with closed eyes. Very mild and nice fragrance which was not possible with my earlier detergent powder. Once the clothes dry, the fragrance is left behind. I don’t even have to use additional softeners for the clothes.

  12. Mohammad Ahmed

    I bought this laundry liquid by The Better Home and trust me it was worth EVERY PENNY! After using this laundry liquid, I could notice that it sustains the colour of the garments and also softens them up. It is super easy to use! I loved the citrus fragrance that it gives out. I also loved the packaging as it comes in a well binded, recyclable cardboard box.

  13. Suresh

    Nice product. I dont know if works as effectively as the regular detergents.
    Devoid of any smell.. which is a downside for me atleast

  14. Deepika

    Did efficient cleaning in top load machine..
    Easy to rinse off.
    Like the frangance

  15. Vineet Singh

    All plant based ingredient’s, mild citrus 🍊 fragrance. No harm to your clothes 🙂

  16. Sricha

    The smell is very mild and the clothes come out very fresh, without any hint of laundry detergent. I feel the clothes stay crisp and more fresh after I started using this. And it’s Eco friendly!

  17. Juhi M

    The Better home non-toxic range is a must have. The product lasts more than a month and is an excellent replacement for the commercial products we have been using for years.

  18. Rohit M

    Product is good. It cleans the clothes better than surf excel or arial but its quite expensive for its quantity

  19. Sarita

    Good product. It would be great to have refill packs.

  20. Sanjay

    Love the fact that it’s a natural product. There’s a mild citric smell.

  21. Jasmu Jacob

    Love the fact that it’s a natural product. There’s a mild citric smell.

  22. Neel Kamal Gupta

    The best laundry liquid I have used. Clothes come out nice and soft.

  23. Dinesh

    I have been the detergent for almost a month,and now I am more than satisfied..
    1. Although it is eco-friendly,it cleans the clothes thoroughly , even the collars and though stains are washed away,with no marks at all.The only thing we need to do for tough stains is ,to pour some liquid,once or twice, on the stains and leave for a while,before putting in the washing machine
    2.No strong fragrance.
    3.I use a little lesser than the quantity mentioned on the package,still it shows ultimate results.

  24. Sunita K

    “The common laundry liquids are full of chemical scents which stay long after handwash or machine wash. This one hardly has any scent which does not trouble my sensitive nose. The liquid is easy on the skin and body, the biggest USP of this as it’s a plant based detergent. Also it keeps the clothes color and shine intact but effectively cleans all the dirt and grime.
    Though it seems slightly costly, the advantages are too many whether for your clothes or skin and not forgetting our nature but if you are still in doubt regarding it’s value for money let me assure you, little goes a long way is apt for this.
    For all conscious, eco friendly, organic and natural beauty enthusiast people out there, this is best on all aspects. And also economical if you like to preserve your clothes.”

  25. Senthil Vadivu

    Regarding the scent nothing to impress but it is best in cleaning and easy to use. The fabric becomes so soft and clean after wash. Amazing! Regarding it’s price it is some what high that I have to mention here 🤪. On the whole I like it

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

    Beco Natural Laundry Detergent Liquid 500ML- Baby Safe