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Beco Sustainable Bamboo Toothpicks – 250 pcs (Copy)

The right pick you don’t have to think twice about!

We have found the perfect eco-friendly alternative to traditionally used non-environmental toothpicks.


1. One box has 250 sticks
2. Made from bamboo, these toothpicks are organic and chemical-free
2. It’s completely biodegradable
3. Multipurpose use


1. Is this a Wooden toothbrush?

No, wooden toothbrushes are made from cutting trees. Our toothbrushes are made from pure bamboo and are splinter-free.

2. Is it a 100% eco-friendly toothbrush?

Yes, our toothbrushes are completely eco-friendly and compostable in nature.

3. Is it a biodegradable toothbrush?

Yes it is as well as compostable. It is a non plastic toothbrush that does not hurt the environment.

4. What are the bristles made of?

Our toothbrushes have nylon bristles made from cornstarch which is 100% plastic-free and is organic with activated charcoal as the key ingredient.

5. How do charcoal activated bristles help?

Charcoal activated bristles help in deep cleaning your teeth, fights plaque and helps in teeth whitening.

Additional information

Dimensions 40 × 40 × 67 cm


        Fair Trade Certification

    Beco Sustainable Bamboo Toothpicks - 250 pcs (Copy)