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Cotton Ear buds with Paper Stick (No Plastic)

Centre Aligned &
One of a Kind!

A small innovation can go a long way. The centre of every cotton bud has thoughtfully replaced plastic with eco-friendly paper to make sure that this item that we use daily does not contribute to the plastic hazzard.

Crafted carefully to have soft tips that are safe and suitable for babies, this product is 100% clinically tested to be mild and genetic.


Your best Bud!
From the dirty work and cleaning to assisting you to perfect your makeup look, our cotton buds are made to be the best buddy you can have! Made of sustainably sourced flexible paper sticks instead of plastic, these earbuds keep your body, home and the environment clean at the same time!


1. What’s so different with your ear buds?

Our ear buds don’t have a plastic stick. Instead, they’re made of recycled paper sticks with pure cotton tips.

2. Are the sticks strong?

Yes, they’re crafted in a way that they’re sturdy and serve the same purpose of your usual cotton ear buds.

3. Are these biodegradable cotton buds?

These are 100% eco-friendly which are biodegradable and compostable in nature. These cotton buds are natural.

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30 swabs, 60 swabs, 200 swabs (Recommended!), 400 swabs


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

    Cotton Ear buds with Paper Stick (No Plastic)