Bio Garbage Bags Compostable Medium 19 x 21 (15 pieces/roll)

Green Garbage!

Yes this bag is green and is made of greens too! Plastarch (PSM) is a new form of plastic that comprises of corn starch and other plat friendly material that naturally decomposes without causing any damage to the environment. 

With Plastarch as our base, these non-toxic, odorless garbage bags can serve multiple purposes! Feel free to use them in your office, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and cars too! Whether it’s your baby’s diapers or the disposal of your dog’s litter, this bag has got your back!


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Bamboo grows 5x faster trees

Super Soft & Absorbent

Plastic free

Recycled Paper packaging

Chemical free

Green & Organic



Unlike most tree species, harvesting does not kill the bamboo, so topsoil erosion and other adverse effects of tree-felling are kept to a minimum.

Some species of bamboo grow more than three feet each day! No plant on the planet features a faster growth rate. When it is harvested, it will grow a new shoot from its extensive root system with no need for additional planting or cultivation.

With the least carbon foot print in comparison to any product out there, plastic free packaging, no trees cut (made from organic and natural raw materials), fair trade practices, it is just not the environment that is being benefitted but the entire future generations.

Taking care of the planet, and teaching our children to do the same, is a responsibility we have as parents. With minimal effort, we can all learn to be better inhabitants of Earth.

There are plenty of books, websites, and other resources available to help us on our mission to a more sustainable life, but sifting through the plethora of tips and information, to find simple products that are feasible for busy families, can be quite a challenge.

That’s a myth! Beco’s products are affordable for every seeker who wishes to chose the green choice. 

Our products are either at the same price and in some cases even cheaper than the market’s plastic products.